We turned New Mexico BLUE!

Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk

Martin Luther King walked so that Obama could run

Obama is running so that we can fly



Obama State-by-State Protection Videos

Click here to go to the Obama site for voter information videos by state.

Be prepared before you go to vote!  PLEASE PASS THIS ON.

Call This Number at Obama Voter Protection to Report Any Problems That Keep You From Voting

Direct Link to the site here

The ACLU also has a hot line for voter problems. For more information or to voice a voting rights complaint, call  1-877-523-2792

Michelle Obama visits Las Vegas–New Mexico

Yesterday it was a treat to receive Michelle Obama in Las Vegas New Mexico, a small town in the north of the state. Around 3,200 people crowded into the historic plaza and the atmosphere was one of unity and warmth. To see more photos and accompanying text please click here. To read the article about her surprise stop at Santa Fe HQ see below. At the rally her message was: Vote Earlywhich in most states is through Saturday November 1st—and get others to do the same.

To read the article on line from the New Mexican newspaper here. To see her speech click on the link in the first sentence of this post above.

Voter Protection is Greater than Voter Suppression

I don’t know this for sure. I am writing this optimistically and with faith. The Obama campaign responded to my concerns regarding this issue by saying:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting us, and for sharing your concerns about voter protection.  We’ve seen what’s happened in past elections and we have a clear message: Not This Time.

We’re running the largest election protection operation in American history.  We’re not waiting until Election Day; we’ve already been on the ground for months and we hope you’ll sign up to join us at link.

I believe them. I have to.

Here is a link to the ACLU’s website where you can learn more about your rights, and familiarize yourself with voting requirements in your state. For example: In North Carolina you must vote for the president separately! You cannot do Straight Party voting and assume your vote will be cast for president. It won’t.

Please pass this site or post on to anyone you feel could benefit from it, especially in states like PA, OH, NM, MI, WV, NC and FL: you get the picture.

Know Your Voting Rights – State by State    

vr hotline

The Voting Rights Project of the ACLU is dedicated to providing citizens with information and assistance in exercising their right to vote! We are urging citizens to ACT this election year. For more information or to voice a voting rights complaint, call 1-877-523-2792

Record Your Voting Experience

Please participate in this exciting project called MyFairElection, a site where you can rate your voting experience this presidential election. Archon Fung is the creator and he has asked me to post this on our site in support of voter protection. Click here to go and report your voting experience. 

What is MyFairElection?

MyFairElection.com is a project of MyFairElection and ABC News. ABC News will feature the heat map as part of their election day coverage. Journalists will use the information that you submit to help identify and report on election day ballot problems.

Obama Site for Voter Protection

Today the Obama campaign launched a site for voter protection. On it you can find answers to the questions I’ve been posting on this blog. If you are wondering about ID, Straight Ticket voting, and whether or not they are monitoring to make sure your name isn’t improperly purged, you will find it here at this link: truth.voteforechange.com

Please pass this on to anyone else you feel could benefit from it.

Thank you!

EARLY VOTING could be challenging. Go PREPARED!

I’ve been reading several accounts in a couple of states, here in New Mexico and in Florida, of long lines and confusing practices with regard to early voting. While this is very likely given the huge voter turnout this election, it is still advisable to brave the possible chaos and get to the polls early to cast your vote. As difficult as it could be now, it could be a lot worse on November 4th.

If you requested an absentee ballot to vote by mail, then you must vote in this way. Period. You cannot vote in person in this election, unless you did not receive your absentee ballot. It would be advisable to check with your County Clerk’s office for all pertinent information. Here is a link to find yours by state. After clicking on your state, scroll down and and you will see information with regard to checking registration, early voting and polling locations. This website also has real stories and data and is updated daily. 

Before you vote check the Obama website. It has a VOTER INFORMATION CENTER page. They also have a new page on their website for VOTER PROTECTION which has many valuable answers. Click the above links.

Regardless: DO NOT BE DAUNTED! Take a snack, some water, your ID, a great attitude, and VOTE FOR CHANGE TODAY

I hand delivered my absentee ballot to the County Clerk’s Office. 


Complete information for voters on www.866ourvote.org

VOTE EARLY!    And make sure your vote is counted.

Click here to get detailed information on your state’s voting requirements regarding ID for mail in ballots and voting in person at the polls. You can also check to see you are actually registered and where you should go to vote. The site has daily news on developing voter rights issues in each state.

If your state requires a xerox copy of your driver’s license, or other identification for mail in ballots, and you do not include one in the external envelope, your vote will not be counted.


This site will guide you through. Make sure to check both this site and the one above for all requirements. You need to take government-issued ID with you. You may also need to send a copy of it with your mail-in ballot.

Obama Campaign Launches Site to Fight the Smears

The Obama campaign launched a website to highlight the smear campaign McCain is running, and spread the truth about these smears. Here’s the link: Under the Radar. You can also report any smearing robocalls or mailings you get to the campaign.

Back in his 2000 campaign, John McCain said, “Sooner or later, people are going to figure out if all you run is negative attack ads, you don’t have much of a vision for the future or you’re not ready to articulate it.” He was right.


Make sure you are still registered

Millions of people are being purged from the voting registers. Make sure you are not one of them. If you are VOTING BY MAIL, check your state's requirements to see if you need to send in a COPY OF YOUR PHOTO ID with your ballot. If you are planning to vote in person, consider VOTING EARLY. For the latest information click below under Important Voter Info: PROTECT YOUR VOTE

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